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Denbighshire, Wales : Classification : War Memorials & Other Memorials

War Memorials are a means of honouring people killed or injured in action. The memorial may list the service that the person served in.

For links to thousands of websites with information about military family history, visit UKBMD's companion website UKMFH - UK Military Family History

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Classification:GRO BMD, Baptisms, Births, Burials / Cremations, Deaths, Marriages, National, Parish Records, War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:Find My Past - BMD's, Parish Records and More
Link:Find My Past - BMD's, Parish Records and More
Description:Find My Past - BMD's, Parish Records and More
Classification:War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:All at Sea Website
Description:All at Sea Website, Including Cemetery, Graveyards, Memorials and War Memorials
Classification:Deaths, War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:Armed Forces Memorial
Description:Armed Forces Memorial
Extra Info:Searchable database of members of the armed forces that have been killed since WW2. Includes birth date and location.
Classification:Baptisms, Births, Burials / Cremations, Census, Deaths, Marriages, One Name Study, War Memorials & Other Memorials, Wills / Probate
Title:BANDY Family Genealogy
Description:BANDY Family Genealogy
Extra Info:Click on Site Map to see a contents list of the site.
Classification:Obituaries, War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:British Transport Police Website
Description:British Transport Police Website
Extra Info:Includes a Roll of Honour.
Classification:War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:British War Memorial Project
Description:British War Memorial Project
Extra Info:British War Grave Photographs.
Classification:National, War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
Description:Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
Classification:Baptisms, Burials / Cremations, Marriages, Monumental Inscriptions, One Name Study, Parish Records, War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:EARDLEY Family Genealogy Resources
Description:EARDLEY Family Genealogy Resources
Extra Info:An archived copy of the site. Most information still seems to be accessible.
Classification:War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:Hilary's Family History Pages
Description:Hilary's Family History Pages
Extra Info:Includes details of the Bwlchgwyn war memorial.
Classification:Monumental Inscriptions, War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:Officers Died Website
Description:Officers Died Website
Classification:Burials / Cremations, Monumental Inscriptions, War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:Soldiers' Memorials Website
Description:Soldiers' Memorials Website
Classification:War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:The Pilots of 41 Squadron RAF 1939-1945
Description:The Pilots of 41 Squadron RAF 1939-1945
Extra Info:This is an archived copy of the website. Most features appear to work. There may be some delay in loading.
Classification:War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:The Roll of Honour
Description:The Roll of Honour - Lest We Forget
Classification:War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:The Story of the Taiwan POW Camps and the Men who were Interred in Them
Description:The Story of the Taiwan POW Camps and the Men who were Interred in Them
Classification:War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:UK National Inventory of War Memorials
Description:UK National Inventory of War Memorials
Extra Info:This site does not list every person mentioned on the memorials, however it does list individual memorials with details and sometimes photographs.
Classification:War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:University of Glasgow - Roll of Honour
Description:University of Glasgow - Roll of Honour
Classification:War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:War Memorials Online
Description:War Memorials Online - Recording, Conserving and Remembering our war memorials
Extra Info:War Memorials Online is an unprecedented opportunity for the public to upload images of war memorials and log concerns for the conservation of these important community and historical sources for future generations.
Classification:War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:Waymarking - Interesting Locations
Description:Waymarking - Interesting Locations
Extra Info:Pictures of all types of interesting places and features including memorials, easy to search.
Classification:War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:WW2 Combined Operations Website
Description:WW2 Combined Operations Website

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