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Births and baptisms are the records that help you establish the date of birth of an individual. Prior to the start of civil registration there were only parish records. For dates after the start of civil registration it is often worth tracking down both a birth registration and the parish records as they both contain useful information.

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Classification:GRO BMD, Births, Deaths, Marriages, War Memorials & Other Memorials, Wills / Probate
Title:Find My Past - Ireland
Description:Find My Past's Birth, Marriages and Deaths for Ireland
Extra Info:Their birth, marriage and death records date as far back as the 13th century (Dublin Will and Grant Books Index 1270-1858) and include records of over 400,000 gravestones and church memorials, over 150,000 newspaper obituaries and four indexes to wills.
Classification:Baptisms, Births, Burials / Cremations, Deaths, Marriages, One Name Study, National
Title:Guild of One-Name Studies
Description:Surnames Registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies
Extra Info:A good place to start and see if your surname is being researched. The guild maintains a list of registered one name studies, many of which have data and information online.
Classification:Baptisms, Births, Burials / Cremations, Deaths, Marriages, One Name Study, National
Title:The Surname Society
Description:The Surname Society - encouraging members to collaborate in their surname studies
Extra Info:Membership is open to any individual, group or association with an interest in surname studies, regardless of their location in the world, the surname studied, or level of research expertise. One registration fee allows you to register multiple surnames.
Classification:GRO BMD, Births
Title:All Ireland Birth Index
Description:All Ireland Birth Index
Extra Info:Scroll down to special projects section. Only partially complete.
Classification:GRO BMD, Baptisms, Births
Title:British Nationals Armed Forces Births and Baptisms
Link:Search British Nationals Armed Forces Births and Baptisms
Description:Search British Nationals Armed Forces Births and Baptisms
Classification:Births, Deaths, General, Marriages, Obituaries, National
Title:British Newspaper Archive
Description:Explore over 200 years of history - British Newspaper Archive
Extra Info:Access also available via selected subscriptions to Find My Past and Genes Reunited
Classification:Baptisms, Births, Burials / Cremations, Census, Deaths, Marriages, Monumental Inscriptions
Title:Connors Genealogy Pages
Description:Connors Genealogy Pages
Classification:Baptisms, Births, Deaths, Marriages, Parish Records, Wills / Probate
Title:Cork Past and Present
Description:Cork Past and Present
Extra Info:An archived copy of a site that is not currently available, most information still seems to be available to view. Includes McDonnell's Index of Births, Deaths and Marriages and Gillman's Index to Marriage Licence Bonds
Classification:Births, Deaths, Marriages, War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:Eddies Extracts
Description:Eddies Extracts
Extra Info:Many extracts of Births, Marriages, Deaths etc transcribed from various newspapers but also various news stories, book extracts, church records, records of deceased seamen and the names of over 25,000 Presbyterians who served in WW1.
Classification:Births, Census, Deaths, Marriages
Title:Emerald Ancestors - Irish Ancestry Search – Start your Northern Irish Family Research
Description:Emerald Ancestors - Irish Ancestry Search – Start your Northern Irish Family Research
Classification:Baptisms, Births, Deaths, Marriages
Title:Family Search Records Ireland Collection
Link:Family Search Records Ireland Collection
Description:Family Search Records Ireland Collection
Extra Info:A growing number of indexes. Check the coverage to see if your area has been covered. Use the filters at the side to restrict to Northern Ireland.
Classification:GRO BMD, Births
Title:Find your Irish ancestors - Civil Registration Births.
Description:Find your Irish ancestors - Ancestry's Irish BMD Records
Extra Info:Irish Births 1864-1958.
Classification:Baptisms, Births, Census, Deaths, Marriages, One Name Study
Title:FOY's genealogy
Description:FOY and FOYE in Ireland and England
Extra Info:This is an archived copy of a site that is no longer active. Most information still seems to be available.
Classification:GRO BMD, Births
Title:Genealogy for Ireland
Description:Genealogy for Ireland
Extra Info:Includes 1864 births indexes online.
Classification:GRO BMD, Births, Deaths
Title:General Register Office - Search the GRO Online Index
Link:General Register Office - Search the GRO Online Index
Description:Search Births and Deaths held at the General Register Office.
Extra Info:Includes mother's maiden name for births and age at death in early records. You will need to register, for free, prior to first use.
Classification:Baptisms, Births, Deaths, DNA Project, Marriages, One Name Study
Title:HORSMAN & HORSEMAN One Name Study
Description:A One Name Study of Horsman, Horsman and Horsaman families
Classification:Baptisms, Births, Burials / Cremations, Deaths, Marriages, Monumental Inscriptions, Obituaries, Wills / Probate
Title:Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive
Description:Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive
Extra Info:Includes extracts of church records, but also submitted birth, marriage and death information.
Classification:GRO BMD, Births, Certificate Exchange, Deaths, Marriages
Title:Ireland's BMD Exchange
Description:Ireland's BMD Exchange of Information on BMD Certificates
Extra Info:For Northern Ireland see UKBDM Exchange listing
Classification:Baptisms, Births, Census, Deaths, Marriages, Monumental Inscriptions
Title:Irish Genealogy
Description:Irish Genealogy
Classification:Births, Deaths, Marriages, Obituaries
Title:Irish Newspaper Archives Online
Description:Irish Newspaper Archives Online
Extra Info:Birth, Marriage and Death announcements. Free to search, but subscription needed to view full articles.
Classification:Births, Deaths, Marriages, Monumental Inscriptions, One Name Study, Pedigrees, Wills / Probate
Title:JESSON Family Home Page
Description:JESSON Family Tree Data From Around the World
Classification:Births, Deaths, Marriages, Wills / Probate
Title:National Archives - Digital Microfilms Online
Description:National Archives - Digital Microfilms Online
Extra Info:Please read the instructions and information before downloading. Includes seaman's wills and some foreign returns of births, marriages and deaths.
Classification:Baptisms, Births, Census, Deaths, Marriages, Monumental Inscriptions, Pedigrees, Wills / Probate
Title:Northern Ireland Data from Ancestry
Link:Northern Ireland Data from Ancestry
Description:Northern Ireland Data Collection from Ancestry
Extra Info:Includes 1766 Religious Census; 1841/1851 Census Abstracts (Northern Ireland); Irish Gravestone Inscriptions; Wills Indexes.
Classification:GRO BMD, Births, Census, Deaths, Marriages, National
Title:People Finder from
Link:People Finder from
Description:1861 Census, GRO BMD index 1837-2004, Electoral Rolls & Business Directories.
Classification:Births, Deaths, Marriages, National
Title:The Jewish Chronicle Archives
Link:The Jewish Chronicle Archives
Description:The Jewish Chronicle from 1841 - search Births, Marriages and Deaths announcements.

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