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Meath, Ireland : Classification : Census

Census records allow you to view other family members who were present on the day of the census, typically these will be siblings or parents.

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Title:Ashbourne and South East Meath 1901 Census
Description:Ashbourne and South East Meath 1901 Census
Extra Info:1901 census transcriptions.
Classification:Baptisms, Births, Burials / Cremations, Census, Marriages, Monumental Inscriptions, Parish Records, Wills / Probate
Title:Atavus Search Engine
Description:Atavus Search Engine Incorporating Fermanagh Gold Genealogy Pages
Extra Info:Easy to use search.
Classification:Baptisms, Births, Burials / Cremations, Census, Deaths, Marriages, Monumental Inscriptions, One Name Study, Wills / Probate
Title:BREW One Name Study
Description:BREW One Name Study
Classification:Census, National
Title:British Surnames
Description:Research the origins and distribution of your surname
Extra Info:Information on similar surnames, most common surnames, surname distribution maps as well as surname meanings and etymologies.
Title:Census and Land Substitutes for Ireland
Description:Find My Past's Census and Land Substitutes
Extra Info:Census and substitutes contains some of the census data that has survived (dating from 1749), as well as electoral registers.
Title:Census of Ireland
Link:Census of Ireland
Description:National Archives - Census of Ireland
Extra Info:Census of Ireland 1901/1911 and Census fragments and substitutes, 1821-51
Classification:Baptisms, Census, Marriages, One Name Study
Title:Defence Forces Ireland
Description:Military Archives Irleand
Extra Info:Includes a 1922 Irish Army Census
Classification:Baptisms, Births, Census, Marriages, Monumental Inscriptions, Obituaries, One Name Study, Parish Records, Wills / Probate
Title:FERGUSONS of Ireland
Description:FERGUSONS of Ireland - One Name Study
Title:Irish Ancestors
Description:Irish Ancestors, Census Records
Classification:Baptisms, Burials / Cremations, Census, Marriages, Monumental Inscriptions, Parish Records
Title:Irish Genealogical Record Search System
Description:Irish Genealogical Record Search System - including Parish Records
Extra Info:Click on Sources to see what is included and the years for which data is available. Includes parish records, census and census substitutes.
Classification:Census, Marriages
Title:Irish Genealogical Research Society
Description:Irish Genealogical Research Society - dedicated to the study of Irish Genealogy since 1936
Extra Info:Includes Drumcondra/Loughbrackan, 1871 census fragment, Elphin Diocesan Census 1749 and The Irish in Spanish Archives, and the IGRS marriages database.
Classification:Baptisms, Births, Census, Deaths, Marriages, Monumental Inscriptions
Title:Irish Genealogy
Description:Irish Genealogy
Classification:GRO BMD, Baptisms, Births, Burials / Cremations, Census, Deaths, Marriages, Monumental Inscriptions, Parish Records
Title:Irish Genealogy
Description:Irish Genealogy
Extra Info:Search by location or name. The marriages are matched and may show details of the parents. Includes indexes and full scans of Irish GRO BMD from 1864 and of non-Catholic marriages from 1845.
Classification:Births, Burials / Cremations, Census, Deaths, Marriages, War Memorials & Other Memorials, Wills / Probate
Title:Irish Records Extraction Database
Link:Irish Records Extraction Database
Description:Irish Records Extraction Database
Extra Info:This collection is compiled from over 120 unique sources. The records spread from 1600-1874.
Classification:Census, Marriages, Monumental Inscriptions, Wills / Probate
Title:John Hayes Genealogy Website
Description:John Hayes Genealogy Website
Extra Info:Many Hayes, O'Connor, Brown, Fox, Santry, Callaghan and Murphy records.
Classification:Births, Census, Deaths, Marriages, One Name Study, Wills / Probate
Title:LUCEY / LUCY Family History Records
Description:The site for everyone interested in researching the LUCEY and LUCY surname and their family history
Extra Info:Researching the surnames LUCEY & LUCY. From early sources in England & Ireland, some back as far as 1066.
Classification:Baptisms, Burials / Cremations, Census, Marriages, One Name Study, Parish Records, Wills / Probate
Title:MILLIKEN, MILLIGAN and Related Surnames
Description:MILLIKEN, MILLIGAN and Related Surnames Genealogical Research
Extra Info:Surnames of Millican, Milligan, Millikan, Milliken, Millikin, Mulliken, Mullikin, and Mulligan etc.
Classification:Census, Marriages, Wills / Probate
Title:National Archives of Ireland
Link:National Archives of Ireland
Description:National Archives of Ireland - Searchable Databases
Extra Info:Includes searchable wills index. Also 1901 and 1911 census that have survived.
Title:Northern Ireland Family History Society
Description:Northern Ireland Family History Society Census Strays
Extra Info:Click on Resources. Has records covering All Irish Counties.
Classification:Baptisms, Census, Marriages, Parish Records
Title:The Fianna Study Group for Irish Genealogy
Description:The Fianna Study Group for Irish Genealogy
Title:Virtual Record Treasury of Ireland
Description:Virtual Record Treasury of Ireland - an all-island and international legacy for the Decade of Centenaries.
Extra Info:The Treasury re-imagines and reconstructs through digital technologies the Public Record Office of Ireland, a magnificent archive destroyed on 30th June 1922, in the opening engagement of the Civil War.
Title:Workhouse Website
Description:A Site Dedicated to the Workhouse includes Census Records
Extra Info:The search facility is a useful starting place when trying to locate missing ancestors.

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