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Morayshire, Scotland : Classification : Monumental Inscriptions

Monumental Inscriptions are the transcriptions of the text on the gravestone or tombstone of an individual. In many cases there will be multiple burials in one grave so the inscription will provide information about other family members.

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Classification:Monumental Inscriptions
Title:Aberdeen and NE Scotland Family History Society
Description:Online MI Index for NE Scotland
Extra Info:Scroll down to Projects.
Classification:Births, Census, Deaths, Marriages, Monumental Inscriptions, One Name Study, Wills / Probate
Title:BAIRD's of Scotland
Description:BAIRD's of Scotland
Extra Info:This is an archived copy of a site that is no longer seems to be active. Most information still seems to be accessible.
Classification:Baptisms, Births, Burials / Cremations, Census, Deaths, Marriages, Monumental Inscriptions, One Name Study, Wills / Probate
Title:BREW One Name Study
Description:BREW One Name Study
Classification:Monumental Inscriptions
Title:Cemeteries - British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia
Description:British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia
Extra Info:Click on BACSA projects for some transcriptions.
Classification:Baptisms, Births, Marriages, Monumental Inscriptions, One Name Study
Title:CLENDIN and variants such as GLENDINNING One Name Study
Description:Clendin, Glendinning and variants One Name Study
Extra Info:Mainly around the English / Scottish Borders. Scroll down to the bottom of the main page for online records.
Classification:Burials / Cremations, Monumental Inscriptions
Title:Memento Mori - Scottish Cemeteries
Description:Memento Mori - Scottish Cemeteries
Extra Info:Although there is no search for all cemeteries at once, each cemetery has an alphabetical list of graves.
Classification:Births, Deaths, Marriages, Monumental Inscriptions
Title:Moray - Online Genealogical Search
Description:Moray - Online Genealogical Search
Extra Info:Searchable by person, cemetery or surname. Covers period 13th century to 1975.
Classification:Monumental Inscriptions
Title:Moray Burial Ground Research Group
Description:Moray Burial Ground Research Group
Classification:Monumental Inscriptions, War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:Officers Died Website
Description:Officers Died Website
Classification:Births, Deaths, Marriages, Monumental Inscriptions, One Name Study
Title:PINCKNEY - The site for all UK PINCKNEYs
Description:PINCKNEY - The site for all UK PINCKNEYs and Variants
Extra Info:Includes references to Pinckey, Pinckine, Pinckney, Pincknye, Pincney, Pinkene, Pinken, Pinkeny, Pinkine, Pinkney.
Classification:Monumental Inscriptions, Obituaries
Title:Police Roll of Honour
Description:The National Police Officers Roll of Honour
Classification:Burials / Cremations, Monumental Inscriptions, War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:Soldiers' Memorials Website
Description:Soldiers' Memorials Website
Classification:Baptisms, Burials / Cremations, Census, Monumental Inscriptions, War Memorials & Other Memorials
Title:Wakefield Family History Sharing Website
Description:Wakefield Family History Sharing Website
Extra Info:Scroll down the page for census transcriptions, and other indexes.
Classification:Census, General, Monumental Inscriptions
Title:GENUKI County Page for Morayshire
Description:General Information for Morayshire

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